The Pirates of Legend

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The Pirates of Legend
The Pirates of Legend Event Top.png


A collab. show with the popular theme park attraction "Pirates of Legend" has been decided. Among the members who are practicing hard, Fudo is showing a troubled face.

Start Date: August 01, 2019 06:00:00 AM UTC
End Date: August 09, 2019 05:59:00 AM UTC

Event Rewards

Ashita wa, Kyou Yori Yume Miyou by Kitakore appears as the main song!
You'll collect Star Pt from playing the event and be able to unlock a special story!
For the event limited story, you'll receive Crystals from reading each chapter ♪
For this event, the still that appears in the event limited story has become an SSR photo!
Let's enjoy the event limited story together ♪

Event Reward Photos
210,000Pt SSR 【Pirates】Ryuji Korekuni
450,000Pt SSR 【Pirates】Ryuji Korekuni
950,000Pt SSR 【Pirates】Ryuji Korekuni
1,350,000Pt SSR 【Pirates】Ryuji Korekuni
2,000,000Pt SSR 【Pirates】Ryuji Korekuni
Ryuji Korekuni
【Pirates】Ryuji Korekuni
Photo Shoot: The Pirates of Legend
The Pirates of Legend Photo Top.png
New Frontier
Tomohisa Kitakado
【New Frontier】Tomohisa Kitakado
【New Frontier】Tomohisa Kitakado
Lonely Boy
Akane Fudo
【Lonely Boy】Akane Fudo
【Lonely Boy】Akane Fudo
Treasure Hunt
Momotaro Onzai
【Treasure Hunt】Momotaro Onzai
【Treasure Hunt】Momotaro Onzai
Goshi Kaneshiro
【Eyeline】Goshi Kaneshiro
【Eyeline】Goshi Kaneshiro